Sunday, July 18, 2010

Nature's Color

Beaverton Farmers Market is where there was color.

It would have been very easy to load a couple of bags with fresh fruits and vegetables.

However, since I already have a refrigerator full of edibles, my approach was to taste test. It was easy enough to get a mid morning snack by tasting berries, cheeses, butter, cookie crumbs, salsas and more. All those tastings filled any cravings for more to eat. That was when I spotted a $3 cinnamon roll. As a recovering cinnamon roll-aholic, it took lots of strength to move on. But I did.

Nature's bounty also includes bouquets of color to enjoy. And enjoy I did. Took photos.

Although I buy very little at the farmers markets, they are always an enjoyable way to get a little exercise walking up and down aisles. Of course, the tastings make it all worth while.

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