Saturday, July 17, 2010


With my parking in Portland, the intent was to do some exploring far beyond the shopping centers and finding some ethnic dining. Intent and plans are one thing. Execution was another. I did find a great curry at a Thai restaurant. (Aside to Boonie: with pork.) Why did I find myself in the shopping centers at Best Buy and the Apple store. It was about impatience. Now, dear reader don't get ahead of me. I didn't buy another gadget.

With lots of scanned photos going back a couple of generations and ten years of nomadic exploring photos, there wasn't room on the computer's main drive. I addressed the issue with an outboard disk drive. However, that slows down the processes when I am working with Photoshop loading from the outboard disk. Logic would ask what is a second or two for a retired guy. Good point. However, let's not confuse want with need.

The solution that would have made me happy (that is what I told myself) was an inboard disk on a new computer with sufficient capacity for everything including the photos. The solutions ranged in price from $1200 to $2300. Since there is no sales tax in Oregon, the justification was getting easier. But it didn't happen. Lack of an anti-glare screen was the deal killer. (Current iMac has anti glare screen.) Immediate suggestion is to get anti-glare film for that screen. Sorry. It just isn't the same as a manufactured anti-glare screen.

After all that, no new gadget. Instead I am working on a new skill. Patience.

Note: Photo was taken at the Chinese cultural gardens in Vancouver.


  1. I upsized to a Macbook with 500 gigs... and now, only a few months later, wish I would have opted for a tarabyte. The convenience of having EVERYTHING on board is worth a lot. Note to self: there is no such thing as a too big hard drive... especially if you take photos.

  2. With that kind of encouragement, that new MacBook may still be in my future. I'll see if I can hold off until next week. :-)


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