Sunday, June 1, 2014

Trying To Adapt

Long time locals say that the first summer in Tucson is the hardest. I'm not going to stay all summer to find out.

The last couple of days of May already had temps over 100 degrees. There are more hot days to come. Tucson predictions are for over 100 degree temps until June 15 when I head to higher elevations -- and cooler temps -- at Prescott.

I am adapting to Tucson's daily high temps. On hiking days I am on the trail before the sun rises over the Rincons -- long before six. Temperatures are in the 70s. By the time I am back at the trail head, it is much warmer and time to head home for a shower and breakfast -- or lunch.

On those days when I am not hiking, all exploring is done before lunch and the afternoon heat.

After a lunch at home, I read a book until it is time for an afternoon nap.

I have to remember why I settled in Tucson. It was the nine months of good weather.

Yes. I will adapt to those summer months when the temperatures are over 100 degrees.

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  1. The first year or two would probably be hard, but I think our bodies adapt. Maybe not to hiking in those temps, but to normal living, and of course natives probably get things done in the mornings or evenings. We had friends in Texas who did that. They are California natives and moved to Richardson, TX. They were dying that first year, but they managed their time according to the temps and are still living there many, many years later. :)


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