Saturday, June 14, 2014

No Doubt A Great Story

I will never know what the story might be.

Driving in Prescott Valley along highway 69, I was able to catch a photo of this car heading ahead of me. There was too much traffic to catch up and soon the car was through the next traffic light.

It appears to be an early 1950s Buick sedan. The car hadn't seen a coat of paint in a many years. Note the exhaust pipe on the right side. The history to this car must have included some customizing. Was the job finished or is this a work in progress.

Then there is the surfboard atop the car. Prescott is a long way from any serious surfing. I doubt the nearby lakes would produce enough of a swell on a windy day to make for good surfing. However, I really don't know.

Perhaps that surfboard atop a car in Arizona is a good conversation starter. The surfboard may make it also easier to find the car in a crowded parking lot.

I may never know the story unless I have the good fortune to cross paths in Prescott in the next couple of months.

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  1. I think it's a '50 because of the straight chrome strip down the sides. I didn't know this; I looked it up. Hope you have a great summer in Pres-kit.

    Chris H


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