Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Observing At Starbucks

After the end of the barista's shift, he stands in line ahead of me. Making small talk as we wait, he decides that he is going to treat me my tea. I argued the offer. I wondered if he was a trust fund baby. He said that he was. Was he putting me on. Really. From California, he had gone to school at the UofA and then stayed in Tucson. For something to do, he worked at Starbucks. Perhaps. It is a nice story.

Of those that come inside to get their coffee rather than using the drive through lane, dress for men is construction attire to white shirt and tie.

The ladies wear a variety of outfits from the latest fashions to the latest thrift store recycles. A memorable sighting was a tall gal in a skimpy black dress with six inch heels. Hope she had a desk job.

It is interesting that as lady's fashions became skimpier and shorter, men fashions became baggier and longer. The shorts come to mid calf. May as well wear long pants.

Now that summer is here, bare arms and shoulders show a variety of tattoos. From a single tattoo to those with tattoos from shoulder to wrist. Too much ink. A single tattoo is an example of "less is more."

Then there are the hair styles and color I have spotted at Starbucks. Does hair come in those colors. Orange. Green. Red.

At another Starbucks on another day, there was the guy who had a blue beard and mustache. Considering the original Blue Beard was a serial killer, I am not sure what message the guy was sending.

For some, Starbucks is the office. Sure looks like an office as they stare into their computer creating documents and making or answering phone calls.

Once in a while, two or three people will come in together and actually sit and chat with each other.

Then there are other singles like myself who buy a beverage and take a seat to use the free wi-fi. Others are reading on their gadgets. Some patrons are actually reading a real book -- or a newspaper.

Then there is the guy in a Hawaiian shirt with an almost shaved head who stares into a tablet device. Oops. That's me. No colored hair. No tattoos. How unusual. Is that what others see. Or is there scant notice.

What do others observe when they see me.


  1. In my case they see an old fat man. Maybe in your case a wanderer taking a break.

  2. Only the people themselves, and God knows what others think of you. Praying you are blessed...

  3. They see someone who believes life is a matter of balance and hope they get there!


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