Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Packing Day

Planning and packing for three months away from home is not easy. It's been stressful for this guy who rarely has a stressful moment.

The three month destination is a park model near Prescott (Arizona) at Orchard Ranch RV Park. The unit is furnished with the basics. So I am bringing hiking stuff, clothes (not the entire collection of Hawaiian shirts), cameras, computer stuff and items for the kitchen.

For the past two weeks, I have been eating down the contents of the refrigerator. The remaining items and condiments will fit comfortably in the 28 quart cooler for transport to the refrigerator at Orchard Ranch.

This packing for a move to another location would not be a problem if my home was on wheels. That was the way it was just six months ago. Just hitch up and move to the new location. 

However, that was the previous chapter of my life. Now as I make this temporary move, I have a packing day.


  1. I hope you'll enjoy your trip! Blessings, Lynn

  2. No need for stress. You're not heading to an exotic 3rd World locale. If you forget anything, there is every big box store in the country up there. Worst case would be a day trip back to Tucson. If it gets too hot, come up here to Northern ID. It's sunny and low to mid-70s every day. :-)

  3. In case you forget anything there are stores there…sounds like a wonderful summer planned..


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