Thursday, June 12, 2014

No Home In Tow

I recalled the last 13 years of travel when my home was always with me. This first trip from Tucson without my home in tow meant packing for this trip. I was bound to forget an item or two. I did.

The trip north from Tucson meant stressful travel through Phoenix. I don't recall being so stressed when I was driving my truck and trailer when passing through Phoenix over the past ten plus years. In those nomadic years, I drove 55 to 60 in the slow lane and don't recall being stressed. Now that I have a car that can zip along at suggested speed limits, it seems I am in competitive mode keeping up with the traffic.

Something over 200 miles from Tucson, I made my arrival at a park model at Orchard Ranch in the Prescott Valley. This will be my base while exploring Prescott Valley and beyond. Chino, Cottonwood, Sedona and Jerome  will be some of the places that I will visit. That along with some hikes should keep me occupied.

As a new park model, I was the first renter.  By late afternoon, the untested  A/C was finally blowing cold air. I didn't care about the TV they were in the process of installing.  The good part is that the non-stick cookware hasn't been abused. As the first renter, there are no left overs from previous renters. That meant a trip to the grocery to stock the kitchen and buy some items -- including toothpaste -- I forgot when I packed.

This is the new life traveling without my home in tow. I miss it.


  1. I understand completely. We usually travel towing our trailer but recently took a couple trips via airplane. Even with our best efforts we forgot a couple things. Have fun in your summer residence.

  2. Truly, I feel badly for you and understand how you are feeling; I prayed...

  3. glad they had all the basics for you… I always love/loved taking not rv trips every once in a while….


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