Sunday, June 15, 2014

Hike Workout

Most of the recent hikes in Tucson (2400 ft elevation) were almost flat walks of 3-5 miles. This hike in the Prescott area began at a trail head at 6000 feet. Since I wasn't accustomed to this altitude, I huffed and puffed (and an occasional rest) to the first high point at 6500 feet. More high points on this hike were to follow.

Hiking through chaparral, juniper and pinon pine, it was a very different hike from those most recent hikes in Tucson. Although this area is out of the desert, there are varieties of cactus that exist here.

Easily identified is the alligator juniper. Who named this an alligator juniper. Was the guy from Florida and home sick. It sure doesn't remind me of alligator.

Moving up a ridge, a recent fire (less than three years) was quite evident with several ghosted trees. Nature didn't stop being natural. There were wild flowers. New shoots came from the base of burned shrubs and agave plants.

With a stiff wind blowing from the southwest, it tough on some parts of the narrow trail. Soon it was time to head back and downhill to the trail head. 

Although only a three mile round trip hike, these steep hills provided a good work out.

No doubt there will be more.

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