Thursday, June 26, 2014

Awaiting The Rains

The Prescott area is laced with hiking trails. With the available options, it may be a while before I repeat some of the hikes.

A year ago, the Yarnell fire claimed 19 lives of a fire fighting hot shot team from Prescott. Memorials of those who died can be found in many places from downtown to the hiking trails.

This memorial was on the Goldwater Lake Trail. Within the center of the heart and barely visible is the number 19.

The risk of fire from a lightening bolt is a very real threat considering the very dry conditions. After a relatively dry and mild winter, the summer monsoons are awaited with anticipation.

On one of the several hikes I took, I stopped to chat with a couple who were seated on a rock by an area that should have been a small creek. They commented to me that in the 35 years they have lived in Prescott, this is the first time they were at this creek and there was no water.

With lots of hiking trails, hiking will be an every other day event awaiting the summer monsoon rains.


  1. Remembrance is so very important. It seems you are a blessing...

  2. Working through your archives (2007 to date) It is amazing that your travels and stops are similar to example...Chula vista RV park..been there. Having lived in Arizona for a number of years(my favorite location) I hiked the Grand Canyon many times.. including down the Kiabab and up the Bright Angel in one day(could not make that hike at my current age) Two years at UWGB(Ann Sulivan school now) and then off to Madison for engineering similar to your journey Because of the age difference I new your brother Dennis better. I have fond memories riding home from high school in his very large Olds. I have been very busy...more later


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