Friday, June 13, 2014

Eat Butter

For decades the standard recommendation was to exclude saturated fat from your diet. Forty years later the headline on the cover of Time says to Eat Butter.

Finally. The science of fat has gotten some attention.

However, it will take a long time for people to get the message. There have been decades of brain washing about the hazards of saturated fats. It has become truth for too many people. That includes doctors. Changing belief is not easy.

Yup. Eat butter.


  1. I do eat butter, because I have always believed they were wrong in the past. Hallelujah! :)

  2. Do everything in moderation.

  3. I never got on the margarine bandwagon. Like other things I didn't believe were a good idea because they weren't natural (hormones for menopause, formula instead of breastmilk) I always figured the small amount of butter we ingested probably couldn't be a bad thing. It's about quality and being mindful of the quantity!


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