Friday, June 27, 2014

Amusing Email Spam

We all get internet spam of one sort or another. No doubt we all have received a forward -- that has been debunked on the Snopes site. These forwards are from friends and acquaintances who should be more skeptical and do internet research before forwarding. The most recent forward from a road acquaintance was the "Proposal for the 28th Amendment". I am not sure how long it has been going around the internet, but I have seen it several times from well meaning acquaintances over the past five years -- perhaps more. Nothing dies on the internet.

This time it wasn't a forward, it was an email. I didn't get upset by this email. I found it very amusing. Actually humorous.
Hello Sir / Madam,

This is  Mr. Kevin Avery, regards to your company to order some Barbed Wire Roll. Kindly email me back with the types you have in stock and the type of payment you do accept then we can proceed on with the order ASAP.

 Looking forward to hear back from you soon.Thank You.

Best Regards,
Mr. Kevin Avery.
Even though "Kevin Avery" sounds like an American/English name, apparently English wasn't the author's first language.

The more humorous part was Avery's desire to purchase a "Barbed Wire Roll". From the demand side, how many people with internet access have a need to purchase barbed wire. From the supply side, how many individuals who actually deal in barbed wire would have gotten this email.

Wondering further, I wonder why my name was selected to receive this email of the millions of email addresses available. The only connection to my space on the internet and barbed wire is a post from five years ago -- June 2009. I had found a wire spool for barbed wire on a hike and mentioned it in a post.

It was a good day. Entertainment came via an amusing email.


  1. My guess is that word has spread that you are off the road and settled into a personal "ranch" ---which of course needs fencing in. The sender does not know barbed wire history or he would know that there is only one kind. Of the hundreds of experiments barbing wire to restrain cattle---only one survives in production---and surprisingly, it was almost the very first one invented.

  2. That's a big step up on all the spam I get offering various 'Male Enhancement' potions. I think I'd rather get the barbed wire kind! Just for a change, you know.

  3. I just received an e-mail the other day that was either sent to warn/terrify me... or to hurt me, if I hadn't realized it was spam. :(

  4. I get spam saying they have money for me, offering Viagra, all kinds of things. I once got one saying something about my package delivery. It looked like a UPS e-mail, and I was expecting a package. I clicked on it and I guess that started problems with my e-mail list... or something. I get that one every so often. I'm super careful now, but it would be easy to click on links that look real without thinking about it, and that's what they are counting on. :(


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