Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thoughts on Travel

Some thoughts after ten years of nomadic travel...

There is something special about every place.... There are some places for which no return visit is planned. There are some areas that qualify for return visits time and time again. For me, the Four Corners area is one of those.

Meeting people make the travel much more interesting.... Whether that be other travelers or locals, I am always looking for the story. Everyone has a story.

Too much of the same thing causes boredom.... For me, most museums start to look alike as they curate the local historic collections. Specialty museums still garner the interest -- if I haven't done that particular focus in a previous museum visit.

Get off the main thoroughfares.... Get off the freeways and onto the secondary roads and back streets. That will provide some texture to the mono-culture found in the malls at the chain shopping venues. The mono culture is particularly bad at the chain restaurants. The same meal can be had at any member of the chain restaurant; it's the same menu decided by corporate HQ. Frequently, the hole in the wall restaurant has been a great dining experience.

Best part about ten years of nomadic travel is that my obit will NOT say, "He was employed at X corporation when he died."

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