Tuesday, May 3, 2011


Head to the Chiricahua Desert Museum to see live rattlesnakes of North America and Mexico. Great exhibit at the museum. There are about twenty terrariums containing rattlesnakes and a few unusual members of the reptile family such as the Gila Monster. How about an albino rattlesnake. This is the place to see it. Close up.

Bob Ashley is the man behind the museum and a huge collection of snake, reptile and amphibian memorabilia that Bob has collected in his short life time. He may be in his early 40s.

This part of New Mexico is also a wintering ground for birds. That makes the area a popular spot for birders to visit in the valley and in the hills of the nearby Chiricahua Mountains. Once in the area, the Chiricahua Desert Museum becomes an obvious stop.

In addition to the usual gifts for the birder or herpetologist, the museum store has a huge book selection. Bird books available range from the general bird books to the specialist volumes for the serious birder. Another rack of books are for those who like snakes, the reptiles and the amphibians.

Off the beaten path, this is a definite find while crossing State HIghway 80 in western New Mexico. Nearest major town is Lordsburg New Mexico on I-10 about 40 miles north from Rodeo -- the village nearest the museum.

Take an hour out of your journey and check it out when you are passing through the area.

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  1. I went through there back in March. What a trip!! I even had one rattler that was all curled up and rattling at me when I crossed in front of it's cage.


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