Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Found Weather

After over a month of blue skies and not a hint of rain as I crossed Arizona and New Mexico, I found clouds and rain in southeast Colorado.

Way over my self imposed limit of 150 miles travel a day I arrived at Lamar Colorado after 230 miles from Amarillo Texas. Once across the Colorado state line I noticed the clouds building in the west. Dark ominous clouds. It was definitely time to stop when I arrived at the Elks Lodge in Lamar. Pulled in and parked. Hooked up to the electricity and took a photo.

Didn't know it at the time I took the photo, but within those dark thundering clouds there was a tornado lurking which had touched down about five miles east of Lamar.

After taking the photo, it was time to head into Lamar with Silver Slug for some fuel and exploring of the town. Perhaps there was a photo op. Silver Slug wouldn't start to allow me the mobility to get into town -- three miles distant. Oh no! Another of those potholes in the road of life. Small one this time.

By the end of the afternoon, Silver Slug had been towed to the local Ford dealer. With no rental car to be had, I was consigned to spend my stay at the Elks Lodge in Wandrin Wagon.

Rain and wind continued far past midnight. As Wandrin Wagon was severely rocked, I was feeling a little queasy. It was then I recalled that trailers and their trailer trash residents are magnets for tornadoes. Now I was concerned for my safety. Probably wouldn't survive a direct hit. What if Wandrin Wagon was toppled by the wind. Could I get out of here. Too much worrying and not a lot I could do about it anyway.

This morning it was cloudy overcast with more showers possible. Blue was peaking through the cloudy skies in early afternoon when I received the call that Silver Slug's starting problems were resolved. Once I paid bail I was reunited with Silver Slug. Then I filled with $3.95 a gallon diesel and explored Lamar.

Hitching up tomorrow morning, I will head west to Pueblo Colorado along US Hwy 50.


  1. Make sure you visit the Madonna of the Trail Monument in Lamar if you have not yet done so. There are 12 of them, all alike, standing in various towns across the US of A. Google to read about them.
    I have visited all of them west of the Mississippi except for the one in Albuquerque, NM. No reason for doing so except I was born in one of those towns.

  2. Ed, Looks like I will have to put that on the list of things to explore next time. Left Lamar this morning and this afternoon I am at the Elks in Colorado Springs.

  3. Lloyd, don't take chances, sitting there waiting to see if something is going to happen. Before hand check out where a safe place you can go to. I have been in two tornado's, and you are lucky to have those safe havens when you live in a trailer. please....

  4. Well, you could go crazy and buy a weather radio like we did while in Texas. I was a wreck! It is scary in an RV and sometimes there is no place to go.


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