Thursday, May 19, 2011

Three Rivers Petroglyphs

Three Rivers Petroglyphs was mentioned in a previous blog where I had met the guy who had done years of research on petroglyphs across the southwest.

According to some researchers, this site has the most petroglyphs in a single location. Along a less than a mile long ridge, there is a petroglyph every couple of feet. As I walked along the ridge on a very windy day, it was tough for a guy who already has an inner ear (balance) issue. That plus the rocky trail and terrain made the exploring somewhat stressful.

With each stop there were more for photo ops. Animals, faces and geometric designs were represented on the rock surfaces.

My interpretation is as good as any others; this was the art colony. Tribes all over the south west sent their most promising artists to this location to practice their art and expand their skills.

Then I came across this one. Wondering if this one dates to the same period as all the others. It is so much more fluid than the other animal depictions. If this is contemporary with the others, this guy had definite talent.

Whatever the reason for the petroglyphs, it was great to have the opportunity to view North American art works of 500-1000 years ago.


  1. Great photos! We loved that spot, and the small campground up the road was absolutely peaceful. It's the kind of place that is so quiet, it's deafening.

  2. Really cool place that I have never been to. It's on the list now, though. But I still have a sneaking suspicion that ancient mothers sent their kids out to peck on the rocks to keep them out of their hair...

  3. LiveWorkDream, When I was there, it wasn't quiet; the wind was deafening. Considered staying there with my US Geezer Card. But my addiction to the internet (and no signal) precluded that decision.

    Diana, Your interpretation is as valid as any other.

  4. Where are these? I love the big horn sheep with the designs in the body, wonderful!!! I like Diana's idea of ancient mothers giving their kids a reason to get out of their hair! I'm new to blogging, just punched in petroglyphs on a search to find ya. Come by and check out my blog, its about petroglyphs too! Deb

  5. Deb, East central New Mexico. For detailed directions, click on the URL or Google "Three Rivers Petroglyphs".

  6. I checked it out, yeah, a definite must see!!!!! Wish it was road trip time right now! Thanks!


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