Friday, May 13, 2011

Fun Being Lost

"Half the fun of the travel is the esthetic of lostness." -- Ray Bradbury

That was the quote under the banner photo on my blogspot***. That inspired Boonie to leave this comment: "I'm having trouble with the banner quote by Bradbury. If his thought is true, then why do SOME travelers mount GPS gadgets in their trucks!"

The "SOME travelers" to which he refers would be me. I confess.  I have a GPS Navigator in Silver Slug.

For about the first six years of my nomadic journeys, my travel was done with the aid of maps and internet mapping programs. That solved the issues -- mostly. There were times I found myself in the wrong lane when I needed to make a turn. Sometimes I had to find a turnaround. With Wandrin Wagon in tow that could be several miles -- depending on the travel location. I could still live that way if all travel was in the country.

But for city travel, getting lost and going in circles was not the way to get fuel economy out of Silver Slug. It becomes even more discouraging when trying to find parking near the destination for Silver Slug when most parking spaces are made for small cars. That was when I purchased a GPS Navigator. It is the only way to get around in unfamiliar cities.

The quote is still valid. Being lost is fun. Arriving in a strange town even with a map and a GPS Navigator, I am still lost. It's like walking into a strange grocery store where I don't know the layout of the store. Driving into a new town is like that. Don't know where anything is -- let along the grocery store.

However, I find being lost exciting and challenging. I know I am alive.

***If you read my blog posts at the blogspot site with the photo banner across the top, you may have also noticed the quotes underneath. Those quotes are changed periodically. Sometimes as often as once a week.

There are other readers who subscribe to my posts via RSS or other service. Most of those readers only see the post. They do not see the banner, the quote, the sidebars -- or advertising that does not exist on my blogspot site.

This is not the first comment I have had referring to quotes at the top of my blogspot site. Time to stop changing them and return my personal philosophy to that location. "Enjoying Life Is A Matter Of Balance..."

Those blogger mast head photos change from time to time. Those that have been posted in the past can be viewed at the Picasa album of Wandrin Blog Masthead.

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