Saturday, May 7, 2011

Beauty of Rocks

The destination for my Silver City host and me was the City of Rocks State Park.

It was late morning as we walked the rocks. With the sun over head, it wasn't the best time to be taking photos of the rocks. These carved rocks are the remnants of an eroded volcanic flow. Nature does a beautiful job at creating shapes and balanced rocks.

Peer through the crevice formed by the rocks to see a very small rock in the distance. (At least it seemed to be a photo op when I took the photo.)

Wait a minute. Not sure I want to have a picnic lunch at this table with that boulder stuck above. What if there was an earthquake. Or perhaps there is a very small flake of stone holding it there. As the rocks heat and contract, that rock may slip and ruin a pleasant picnic.

In all directions from the park is grass land prairie with an occasional windmill.

Quiet and remote with access to a Verizon cell tower is where we found a codger road friend parked for several weeks taking advantage of New Mexico's State Park pass.

We interrupted the codger's breakfast and then continued to chat for several hours catching up on each others lives as well as resolving the world's problems.


  1. That looks like great fun: peace, quiet and time of rest.

  2. I love City of Rocks. It is such a cool spot.
    If that codger friend's name is John tell him Jim from his past travels says "Hi" and wants to know how his eye surgery went.
    Also if you see a faded maroon and white Lazy Daze, introduce yourself. He is Jerry from Colorado and a super nice guy.

  3. Jim, This codger is Randy. Won't be back to check out the Lazy Daze.

  4. I read your blog as well as Boonie's and Randy's. Both you and Boonie wrote about meeting Randy at City of Rocks State Park.
    I found it interesting and a confirmation when Randy did not write about meeting either of you. The confirmation was that you two are much too NORMAL. Randy seems to only find the abnormal, or those on the edge of society, to merit discussion in his blog. Your absence was comforting.


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