Sunday, May 22, 2011

Still Here

Just to make sure there wasn't some confusion in time zones about the end of the world, I waited most of today. Finally, I decided that I must be in hell. It is hot here in Amarillo -- 90 degrees. And windy.

In addition, my parochial religious education told me that in heaven we would all wear white robes and we would be singing praises to God. Actually, that sounds pretty boring. Since there are no white shirts in my closet, I wore the usual tropical themed shirt. Regarding the singing; I am a little out of practice. So I couldn't have been in heaven.

So is it heaven or hell. Some days are heaven. Some days are hell. That's what life is all about. Good days and bad days. Get used to it.

You really have to wonder. No doubt Harold Camping is a "nut job". What really bothers me is that there are people who actually believed this crap and blew their savings or did other things they would never do otherwise if they actually thought about it or got a second opinion. Sounds like brain washing.

No doubt that some of those people in Camping's camp actually voted in previous elections. That is a scary thought. What happened to critical thinking. At least being a skeptic. Worse yet, those people are still around to vote in the next election.

How about the next episode of this story when Camping and his inner circle of followers are found on a private island in the South Pacific spending the money that all the conned believers donated to promote this "end of the world" scam.


  1. Lloyd... I'm still here too. And yes, it is hot down here in the south and some days are hell. The beautiful sky and earth are still here and so are we. Sadly, crazy creationists and their nutty doomsday ideas are too. I guess the battle will have to rage on between science (medicine which actually works) and religion (which acts as a numbing placebo).

  2. Just to play a little devil's least Camping had the guts to name a date and stick his neck out on the line for what he so passionately believes. On that level (and only on that level), I can applaud the man's integrity. How many of us would go so far for what we believe in?

  3. Hi, I'm one of your lurkers. I've enjoyed reading your blog for a long time now.

    This topic is just to much fun, and I can't resist a comment:
    This "End" that Camping predicted is detailed in the "Book of Revelations" which is in a Book that also says "No man shall know the time of the End." So if this Book, which is the Word of an Omnipotent God, says that the End will not be predicted... Then I say yesterday was the safest day ever for this "End" not to occur.
    Regardless of whether you believe in the God, the Word or the End, all the pieces belong together, not only proving Camping a nut-job, but all that even gave thought to his theory, amazingly stupid.

    It's simple logic. I'm just saying...


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