Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Found: Soccer Ball

When exploring and touring the grounds of Aqua Caliente Park, I noted a white spot at the water line on the distant reeds. Mid center about a third of the way up from the bottom.

With the Canon SX40, I was able to get a good close up of the white spot.

First impression it was the head of a Martian. Wrong. Yup. It was a soccer ball.

I recognized it as a soccer ball because I had "coached" son TJ's soccer team for a couple of games when the regular coach was out of town on business. Knowing very little about the team playing of soccer, I probably caused considerable damage to the team's win/loss record.

There were a few minutes of wondering about making a home for that soccer ball. But how to get it. Out there in the middle of a muddy bottomed pond was not too attractive.

Just what would Wandrin Lloyd do with a soccer ball. Not sure. Probably store it with all those golf balls I have managed to accumulate when out walking the rough of golf courses. If any golfers out there read this and cross my path, those golf balls will be yours for the asking. Caveat: I don't know a good golf ball from a poor golf ball. Or is the difference the name on the golf ball.

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