Wednesday, April 17, 2013

April Snows

Nope. Not snowing in Tucson. No rain either. With the clouds over the area mountains, there may be a possibility of a dusting at those higher elevations.

In a recent email exchange with a traveling friend heading to Denver, the friend assumed that April snows were unusual events in Denver. I assured the friend that was not the case. In my long time residence of Colorado, I have seen snow (sometimes significant amounts) in every month except June, July and August over those 30 plus years living in the Denver area.

As a long time hiker, I also had the privilege to hike in snow flurries during those summer months. One year it was a mountain hike on the Fourth of July when the snow was falling on my companion and me. We decided to end the hike early and head to a Mexican restaurant where there would be a Margarita waiting for us.

In that exchange with my friend, I attached the following photo. This photo was taken on Easter of 1977 -- April 10th.

Son TJ assisted me in the dog and rabbit construction. Things change. Today TJ is taller than me. The hair on Wandrin Lloyd has turned gray and is much thinner.

No doubt you're wondering about the trailer in the background. Not mine. My folks were visiting from Wisconsin on that Easter weekend.

Thanks to my traveling friend for bringing back memories of Colorado snow in April.

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