Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sonoran Desert Springtime

The spring time warm up acts of brittlebush and poppies are in bloom. With the infrequent rains through the past winter, there are lots of spaces between the color. That is compared to some years where the colors blanket a hillside.

Cactus don't cover hillsides, but they do provide spots of color. This hedgehog cactus was a spot of color in the landscape.

Hiking in Saguaro East NP, I noted buds on the prickly pear and cholla. Trying not to stumble, I looked up occasionally to note just a couple of saguaros beating the rush with some buds.

All the color in the desert isn't stationary. Some is on the move. Caught a photo of this collared lizard before he escaped to avoid a second photo.

With plans to go hiking every other day, I expect my readers will see more photos of a Sonoran Desert spring.

Enjoying life is a matter of balance.... So I hike some days. Other days, I go to Starbucks for tea. Every day is a good day.


  1. Yes. I agree. Every day is a good day. I just need to remember that on the not so good days. Your post helps to remind me of it.

  2. Blooming is just starting here...also the birds have stared coming....looking forward to seeing your photos from you future hikes...

  3. Looks like every day is a WONDERFUL day! Enjoyed the photos, thanks for sharing them.


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