Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Older Hiker

Hiking up Blackett's Ridge at Sabino Canyon, there seemed to be an indication that this body just didn't move as it used to. Perhaps the trail had gotten steeper and more rocky since those earlier hikes a few years back. I've become very good at denying old age.

As I was hiking the trail I remembered one of the first times I was on Blackett's Ridge. It was eleven years ago and -- of course -- younger by that same number of years. I was hiking with a guy I met in the RV park where I was parked. He was 71 years old and I was impressed that we were well matched as hikers. Today at the age of 72, I wonder if I am as fit as that 71 year old guy I hiked with eleven years ago.

Phoneline Trail is an easy walk, but Blackett's Ridge becomes a climb with numerous switch backs over broken rock and rock steps. Although I had been to the dead end on Blackett's Ridge in previous hikes, that day's choice was a journey -- not a destination. The very uneven trail and my balance issues were causing lots of stress. A good sitting rock was found where I sat to admire the view and snacked and rehydrated.

May have been a short hike, but it was a great journey. The views, the air, the solitude... It was a great day.


  1. My old fat man goal is just to be as good as my body will let me. Adaptations and changes in style are part of my plan, but sittin and doing nuttin as too many older folks do is not allowed. Keep on doing as well as you can as often as you can. Have fun too.

  2. Hiking alone isn't for wimps; you were wise to enjoy the journey. Looks like that hike would kick my ass!

  3. Notice it has been warm in Tucson. Know you like warm weather, but for me it is easier to hike when it's cooler.


    1. Starting early when the temps are in the low 60s means I am still back before the temps are in the 80s. With humidity hovering about five per cent, it isn't uncomfortable hiking. Those temps and high humidity would make for a very different impression.


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