Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Jackalope Sighting

When hiking today, spotted this immature jackalope (no antlers) munching on the prickly pear cactus.

Seems the jackalopes are only found as specimens from a taxidermist's creative hands and are in saloons across the west. Never have seen one in the wild. Of course there are many animals I have not seen in the wild. Like the mountain lion. However, I have no doubt that a mountain lion has seen me.

Up early this morning and on the trail shortly after seven this morning, the shadows mask some of the detail of the photo of the desert hare.

This desert hare wasn't bothered by my presence and continued to munch on the prickly pear. Seen evidence of the javelina eating the prickly pear. Also been told that deer will sometimes eat prickly pear. Haven't seen either of those animals in action eating prickly pear.

Javelina eat the spine covered lobes of the prickly pear. Have to admire an animal that can chomp on inch long spines.

The desert hare wasn't eating the spine covered lobes of the plant but rather at the base where there were no spines. Appears the desert hare knew how to tackle this meal.

In yesterday's post about curved bill thrashers, I noted the pair in the nest in Saguaro East. Passing that nest today, there was only one in the nest. The remaining one hopped to the side of the nest. I expected it to fly off to see its solo flight. Didn't happen.

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  1. Interesting how the shape of the hare's ears is similar to the shape of the cactus.


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