Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Solar Warming

It was a few days ago at the Agua Caliente Park where the turtles were warming their cold blooded bodies.

Today it was cloudy and the high temp was in the low 60s. The clouds and some wind made it cool day. Not sure what the turtles were doing today, but I waited for a warmer day for a hike. Yup. I'm a wuss.

Considering the snow dumping on the northern plain states, this Tucson weather is balmy.

Yesterday it was very windy and the sky was filled with dust. Not a comfortable day outside. Also turned out to be a good day for a planned lunch with Flora and Phil. We ate inside.

Last evening there was rain. Not much rain although there was standing water in some places. The rain cleared the air of dirt and left an "artistic" imprint on the windshield of Silver Slug. To ensure the rainy artistic endeavors were past, Silver Slug gets a bath tomorrow to remove the muddy graffiti.

With few clouds predicted for tomorrow, the turtles -- as well as Wandrin Lloyd -- will be soaking up some solar rays.

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  1. Wandrin,

    We also have a spotted and very dirty car after the rains the other evening. A trip to the car wash is in our future also, since the car looks like it was in Desert Storm.

    We also enjoy the Saguaro Park East, but don't walk it. Bad knees have slowed me down on hiking, but I had one replaced in Feb and another on schedule for October. We stay at CCRV just down the road from Saguaro on Houghton Rd and visit there often. Can't wait for some of the flowers to bloom.


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