Monday, April 15, 2013

Curve-Billed Thrashers

Tucson Botanical Gardens was where this curve-billed thrasher had its nest in the usual location in the upper branches of a cholla.

With no shade and no breeze it was a warm day for momma bird as she provided some shade for the three youngsters. Failed at getting that family photo.

The following day on a hike in Saguaro East, it was another curve-billed thrasher nest. Two in this nest. One is in the shadows in the rear.

These two were older than those in the photo above. Although the eyes haven't taken on the adult color, the beaks were just beginning to get that distinctive curve. The one in the shadows at the rear seemed to be poised for a flight.


  1. I really like the (partial) family shot. Good spot!

  2. Is there ever any shade out there? I don't think I've ever seen a single rv'er photo from Arizona where it was overcast!

  3. The reason for that is RVers don't take photos in Arizona when it is overcast, not that it is never overcast.

  4. Ed is right. It rarely is overcast. However, there are clouds in the sky now and then. Check out this post for clouds:
    Also clouds in this post:


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