Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Bright Sunny Days

Most times I drive without sunglasses. Not so these last several days. A sun almost overhead in Tucson and 90+ degree temps, every last bit of moisture in the air is removed. There is little moisture in the air to soften the sun rays. Or perhaps it isn't the moisture at all, but the sun rays reflecting from every light colored surface that causes eye strain.

With a wide brimmed hat and less reflection on the hiking trails, my eye sight is not bothered.

When driving and not hiking, my eyes are strained from the intensity of the sun. Back to wearing sunglasses when driving -- especially during the middle day light hours.


  1. Hey! Ron and I arrived in Benson today and looked for you. Your lot seems to be empty.

    1. I'll be there in just a few days. Hope you are still there!

    2. Unfortunately, we're leaving tomorrow. But some day we'll have a lot too. We're now #101 on the hot list. We looked a a few today, but think we'll hold out for an empty one like you have. Want to sell?


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