Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Saguaros in Bloom

My goal was to stay in Tucson until the saguaros were in bloom. They still are not at their peak. However, there are enough blooming for me to get photos of the saguaro flowers. Start off with a couple of photos of the "support" for these blooms.

Two cameras were used to record the close ups of the blooms.The Canon SX40 was used when touring the roads of Saguaro West NP. The Canon SX230 was used when out hiking in Saguaro East NP.

A long dead saguaro provides artistic texture to the desert landscape. 

This post brings an end to my stay in Tucson. Headed out tomorrow to my lot at the Saguaro SKP Park at Benson.

The goal to see the saguaro in bloom was accomplished before leaving Tucson.


  1. Lloyd!!!
    Those closeups are fine! Love it.
    Did you use a ladder?
    Box Canyon Mark

    1. Nope. No ladder for any of them. The SX40 with a 40X digital zoom and the the SX230 with a 14X zoom worked fine to get the detail of the blossoms -- and the bees that were pollinating. The lowest blossoms are in the last photo. That blossom was about eight feet from the ground. The others were 15 to 20 feet from the ground.

  2. Hoping they will be in bloom here soon...looking forward to seeing travels


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