Saturday, May 25, 2013

Denver Arrival

Wasn't the first to leave the Colorado Springs Elks this morning. Someone was warming their diesel pusher at six this morning. Jeesh. What's the rush. After ten minutes of that, I was awake. Tried to get a few more minutes of sleep. Gave up. Maybe I would feel like a nap later in the day. Spoiler alert: never did take a nap.

Since I couldn't sleep, I got out of bed. Had my usual shake breakfast, did a crossword puzzle and readied Wandrin Wagon for travel. Soon it was time to do the formal hitch up and move along. It was shortly before nine when I was heading north on the final leg to Denver -- the Westminster Elks Lodge.

For a Saturday morning, there was more traffic than I had expected. Fortunately, it was moving. It isn't three lanes of freeway from the Springs to Denver, but every year more of the two lane sections are expanded to three lanes. All speeding along at 70 plus miles an hour. Not me. My speed is 55-60.

Less than a week ago, I was traveling at higher elevations (over 6000 feet) in New Mexico and now Colorado. As I drove along, I noted many trees still had that "winter stick" look. Some were just beginning to open buds and create a green cast to the tree. With Denver's lower elevation, most of the trees had leafed out. However, there were some that were still in the process of turning buds to leaves.

Arriving on a holiday weekend at the Westminster Elks, I had expected that I would have to dry camp until a space opened up. Sometimes I have a lucky day. A single RV space opened this morning. So that will become my space until mid June when I will head to Loveland for a two week stay before returning here.

Since I've been here several times before, I know the neighborhoods, the backroads, the grocery store -- and the Starbucks (for tea). That does make it tough to get lost and explore new territory. Interesting thought. Perhaps I should take a wrong turn one day just to do some new exploring.

Whatever happens, it will be a great Denver stay. Actually. Every day will be great.


  1. If I wake up, I am breathing regular and something hurts, then it will be a good day. When nothing hurts, I know I am in trouble.

  2. What's with this reluctance/taboo about using the first person singular pronoun? Are you sure that Strunk & White would agree?

    1. Reread the post. Seems there were lots of personal pronouns there. Yes. The post did start with an assumed subject of "I", but that ended after a few sentences. In future posts, I will try to remember Strunk and White usage rules. :-))


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