Thursday, May 23, 2013

Cold Here

Okay. Cold is relative to a balmy day in the northern Canada close to the Arctic Circle. However, at the end of May in Colorado Springs my expectation was temperatures at least in the 60s.

Got me there. Actually, it was temps in the 70s I was expecting.

Waking this morning to very light rain and a very gray sky, I put on long pants. Hard to keep this skinny body warm.

Took most of the day for the sun to burn off low hanging clouds. At four (p.m.) the temps were in the high fifties.

Time to put on shorts in celebration.

Just to make sure I was feeling good about the decision to leave Tucson, I checked today's temps there: 95 degrees.

Maybe it's cold here, but a predicted 80+/- degrees tomorrow in Colorado Springs will be quite comfortable.

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