Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Home

My home and bed are always with me on my nomadic exploring. That is great. The thing that changes is the world outside. That world can be very quiet or noisy. Most times, quiet can be had in boon-docking. It depends on the location. Quiet can also be found in full hook up campgrounds. Once again, depending on the location of the campground. The Benson Saguaro SKP park is very quiet compared to the recent stay in Tucson where the city sounds were always heard -- day and night.

Nomadic travels mean the new camping locations will have different sounds and different lighting.

The difference in sounds and light was noted when I awoke my first morning at the Saguaro SKP park. Woke up and wondered why it was so bright. Certainly was not a problem with oversleeping. I rarely have any place to go. The digital clock displayed 5:45. Too early to get up. In a few microseconds (brain is pretty fast), I know where I am. I understand which direction is north. With that identification, I realize that the sun is streaming in the back window which faces east.

Even if the outside world changes, the inside of my home has not changed. The bed is always the same. My entire home is within 20 feet of my bed. It's a great home.

When exploring and far from home, it is a good thing to remember where I parked my home. ;-)

Wonder if there is an iPhone app to help find home. :-))

An icon on the Garmin road navigator can be used to set the location of home. Unfortunately, I rarely set it. So it becomes a useless feature for me.


  1. More than once a year I wake and wonder where I am. Occasionally I have to look outside to remember where I am. Once out in west Texas I had to step outside and look for a minute before I realized I was on hwy 90 south of Van Horn. Not many distinguishing marks on that road. It is part of the fun.

  2. Seems like a pretty cool way to live!


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