Sunday, April 21, 2013

Just Sharing

Browsing of blogs and other selected readings on the internet, there are some that -- I believe -- are worth sharing with my readers. Since I am not a Facebook or Twitter groupie, my blog is the only way for me to share.

The decision to read is up to you.

The daily internet reading material includes a couple of cartoons. Non Sequiter is a favorite. As a long time cynic, I found this cartoon of April 13, 2013 amusing.

The Segway has proven quite popular since its debut in 2001. Take that concept further by removing one wheel and nothing to hold onto and you have Solowheel from Laptop Vehicle. Check out the video of the Solowheel in action.

For those who want to remember their loved ones,  Urns For Ashes can be made to resemble your deceased. Then put the urn on the mantle.  For me, looking in the mirror is enough as I see my father looking back. 

Guess what. Read this article in the news to discover why news is bad for you.

One more thing to share. The days are getting a lot warmer in Tucson. Some mid 90 degree days are just a few days away.

Enjoying life is a matter of balance. Without cold, I wouldn't know what hot is.


  1. I stopped reading and watching the news years ago. I was getting pretty stressed with everything going on at the time, and just stopped. I hear news on the radio, and sometimes even that is too much. Maybe a little TV news if there is something I really want to know about. I don't want to be totally out of the loop, but hearing it once or twice is enough for me.

  2. Great cartoon. I'll be forwarding it on to my daughter. 90 degrees in Tucson?....yet another snowstorm rolls into the Front Range. I think next winter we'll stay in AZ longer. Happy trails - send Colorado some of that warmth!


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