Friday, April 26, 2013

Desert Blooms

Hiking in Saguaro East yesterday, got a few photos of cactus blooms.

This staghorn cholla was the only cholla with blooms.

Less than half of the saguaros appear to have buds. Some have buds and blooms.

Loading the photos to the laptop and then reviewing them is when I noted the bees coming in for a landing on the blooms. Credit goes to the Canon SX230.

The prickly pear are also blooming.

The good thing about flora is that it stands still for photos. Not so with the representatives of fauna. Didn't get any photos.

Rabbits and deer were spotted -- heading away from me. Not good for photos. Numerous lizards of different species were seen. A black coach whip snake left the trail as I approached.

At the end of the hike and leaving the park is when the bull snake crossed the road. Stopped the truck to allow him safe passage.

Then it was the gila monster that I saw making a hasty retreat down the middle of the road. Stopped in the road, grabbed the camera and jumped out. In the grass and brush on the side of the road it was impossible to spot the gila monster with its camouflaged body.

It was a great morning for a hike to experience the natural world. I'll be back.


  1. Little things like this just makes my day perfect. Thanks.

  2. Beautiful blooms! I love to see the saguaros in bloom. Last year was my first year to see them, and I went bonkers trying to get photos.

  3. Beautiful! We never stayed that long to see the cacti in bloom and this year was too cold too long anyway. We had to go back to Canada in the middle of March. Not much flowers out by then. Not here and not there. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Would have loved to see the Saguaro in bloom. Hopefully, another time.

  5. The saguaro near our house is the earliest one in the area to bloom. Last year it was blooming April 1st - this year it was three weeks later. Great flower shots. I would love to see a gila monster in the wild.


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