Sunday, October 21, 2012

Clear Message

On a recent hike in the San Pedro Riparian area, I found a single example of this plant. That seed pod was about an inch in diameter with spikes all around. Pretty sure those spikes will deter most any hungry critter.

The plants leaves had died so the identification was made on the seed pod. After internet research the plant appears to be in the Datura family which includes the Jimson Weed -- a member of the nightshade family. Reading the varying plant descriptions, I concluded that it was a Long Spined Desert Thorn-apple.

My curiosity wasn't enough to combat those spines. Probably a good thing considering that the plant is highly poisonous.

Those spines were a clear message, "Leave me alone."


  1. Those look like they hurt! Good thing you know your plants. :)

  2. So, I wonder, what is the purpose of those plants? Most plants have a use of some kind.

  3. Recently I've taken to photographing plants and birds I know nothing about to come home and try to find out what I can about them. Great way to extend a hiking experience!

  4. Zyriana, Yup. Those thorns kept from doing a taste test.

    Teri, Perhaps they are useful. The scientists just have not found a use for the poisons of the plant. Perhaps we could wait until the seed pod is dry and make it part of an art piece.

    Pam and Wayne, Agreed. Photos do a much better job when trying to match to the reference material. My recollection is not as great as the photo.


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