Saturday, September 1, 2012

Building A Car Garage

Exploring around the Denver area, came across an unusual scene. The apparent remodeling of this office building to put a car garage on those upper floors. How else to explain that ramp being built.

Okay. I can't fool my readers. Really it is building demolition. Seems to be a strange way to demolish a building. Wonder why a swinging wrecking ball would not have been faster and more effective.

A week later, I took another photo from the opposite side of the building. Not too much progress except that the ramp has gotten larger.

Plan to keep going back to take more photos at weekly intervals. Hope some destruction has been done before I hitch up on the 16th.

The building is at the corner of Wadsworth and Alameda. It was the Geico building many years ago.


  1. I'm kind of surpised they didn't implode the building.

  2. I wondered the same thing... Probably a matter of cost. Guessing implosion costs a whole lot more money to ready the building with explosives and running all the wire to do the timed explosions.

  3. Worked 22 years directly across the street. The GEICO building has probably spent most if not all of the past 10 yrs empty. But the City of Lakewood has a good planning dept, so they probably were amenable to the creative solution.


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