Thursday, September 13, 2012

Faux Model A

Always enjoy viewing vintage cars that are restored to stock condition. When I spotted this Model A Ford in a shopping center parking lot, had to grab a photo -- or two.

If I stopped to take a closer look, I might have noted a brand name. It could have been something other than a Ford from around 1930.

Looking at the photo at home, I realized that the car was not stock. Check out those tires. With those tires, the engine certainly was not stock vintage circa 1930.

At least the body was (appeared) stock and painted black. Sometimes things are not what they appear to be.

Note: Based on a comment from an anonymous reader, the post was edited changing Model T to Model A.


  1. Lloyd, seems automobile identification may not be your forte. That is not a model T.

  2. Anon, My post indicated that I wasn't sure. So. Help me. What is it. Or more appropriately, what was it.

  3. Model A ford 1928-30

  4. Hi Lloyd! Mike has a 31 model A sitting in our garage waiting to look new again...but it will be a street rod not a restore, imagine that! One of these days I may be pulling up to My Brother's Bar in it.... It was great seeing you! Jane

  5. Anon, Thanks for the ID

    Jane, Hoping Mike gets it finished by next summer and looking forward to seeing it pull up to My Brother's Bar.


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