Friday, September 7, 2012

Demolition Continues

Keeping current on the demolition of the one time GEICO building, I made another journey to the neighborhood. (The excuse was the Whole Foods near by.)

This was the last photo I took mid last week as the hill of dirt was being built.

Faster to destroy than build. As I walked across the street to take photos, I saw that I was not the only one playing sidewalk superintendent. There was an older man (probably about my age) sitting on a lawn chair watching the progress. Asked how he was doing. He responded that the scene beat watching TV.

Wondering where they were able to get that much dirt for the hill, the man said that most was brought in by the truck load. No doubt at some time the dirt will be hauled away again.

While I was snapping photos, a lady drove up and was carrying a McDonalds bag to the gentleman sitting in the chair. I commented that I didn't know that McDonalds made deliveries. Perhaps not. But the lady was happy because she ended up with a two for one deal -- one for him and one for her.

I wished them an enjoyable day of watching and headed over to Whole Foods.


  1. That is really weird. It sure seems like they could have blown it up.

  2. Lloyd, have you heard from Wagonteamster lately? Haven't seen an update in over a week when he was in the desert. Just worrying, you know.

  3. gumo, Wondering myself. Don't know anymore than what is posted on his site.

  4. Finally found them. He has had a weeks rest but mainly it is computer problems that have kept him from his public.

    He is back on the road today. You can follow his texts at :


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