Saturday, September 15, 2012

Six More Years

After spending $1175, Wandrin Wagon is ready for travel to the southwest for my winter stay. The old batteries were no longer holding a charge. Voltage readings of +/-12.0 was not going to do much good when dry camping.

Since I plan to dry camp a few times as I head south, those batteries need to hold a charge for evening reading, running the inverter for the computer or charging the iGadgets. Those low voltage readings would not allow that to happen.

Considering my hitch up on Sunday, I panicked and called the local mobile RV repair guy on Thursday. By the end of the day I had four new Trojan 6-volt AGM batteries to replace the six and a half year old Trojans that were there. No complaints. They have served me well.

Now I have six more years of nomadic travel to recoup this battery investment.

Note: The batteries are recharged with 300 watts of solar panel. Parked in trees with hookups are the rare occasions when the onboard converter/charger charges the batteries.


  1. Lloyd,
    I need batteries for Goldie. What is the advantage of four six volt AGM's over two deep cycle 12 volt batteries? Enjoy your new "juice."
    Box Canyon Mark

  2. Since you have a converter even if your battteries are dead shouldn't your shore line hook up convert to 12v for your lights bypassing the batteries. Mine does.

  3. Mark, Two 12 volts is the same as four 6 volts. Not sure why one is chosen over the other. For me it is just tradition. That is the way it has always been.

    Andrea, I believe you are correct. Never really thought about it. So I guess I could have made the trip to Arizona going from one RV park to another. That would have limited my travel route.


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