Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Insects And A Snake

There is lots of flora to see in the desert and it is easy enough to spot. It doesn't move. However, the fauna is more elusive, but I did manage to capture photos of some in the last two days.

On yesterday's hike, there was something brown moving across the gravel. Proved to be a tarantula. About four inches long it headed into the grass on the trails edge to avoid me.

Last evening when I was sitting on the shady side of my home enjoying my social hour with a brandy in hand (for medicinal purposes), I spotted this walking stick (body was about four inches long) on the tire of the trailer. As a vegetarian, I wonder why he was there. Didn't look like it had wings. Did it walk from nearby greenery -- about twenty feet away.

This evening as I stepped out to go for a walk about 15 minutes before the sun dropped over the mountains on the horizon, I spotted this rattlesnake. The last rays of the sun gave the snake a greenish yellow cast. I cropped the photo for a close up of the danger end of the snake.

Always a good day when I can spot some creatures in the desert terrain.

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