Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Next Stop South

The great part about nomadic life is that the scenery from my front door changes at each stop. This is the view south from the Prescott Valley Elks. 

Over the past 12 years, I have enjoyed the changing scenery and views where ever I had parked. Will I miss those changing views when I make the decision to give up the wandering life in favor of sticks and bricks. Sure I will.

Crossing paths with other full timers is also part of this roaming life style. When parked at the Thousand Trails boon docking, Randy was there. When Randy and I were taking an evening stroll we met John K. walking his dog Amy (?). John's destination is the Benson AZ Saguaro SKP park.

Bob and Donna were parked at the Thousand Trails park and came up to visit Randy and me.

Another day Oland and Cathy left the Thousand Trails park to visit me for a social hour where we caught up on each others lives since our last visit over a year ago.

More familiar faces were met at the Prescott Valley Elks. After a summer exploring the mountain west, Art and Connie are headed to their lot at the Benson SKP park.

After a summer of work camping, Ken and Debbie stopped here for a few days to visit Debbie's sister before heading to their lot at the Benson SKP park.

Considering my winter travel plans, I may not visit my lot at the Benson SKP park. No doubt that will make some winter traveler happy when they can park on my lot for several months.

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