Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Desert Warmth

Starting at 5200 feet at Prescott three days ago, it took just two days to drop 4500 feet in elevation to Quartzsite. Parked at Hi Jolly BLM for a few days before continuing to San Diego.

Temperatures have been great here. 80 degrees plus/minus. Very comfortable shorts weather. Good for walking the deserts and some hills in the greater Q area.

It's also comfortably uncrowded. Lots of room to spread out. Pick a place 100 yards -- or more -- from the nearest neighbor. Still there are empty places. This will not be the situation in January. Fortune might allow 50 feet between rigs. More likely, it will be 20 feet.

There will be no 80 degree days in Quartzsite when I return in January. It will be colder. Day time temps will be in the 60s and night times in the 30s. There will be crowds of people. That means traffic jams. Already I wonder why I will come in January.

To get some much needed exercise, I stepped outside and went for a walk.

Walking the washes searching for pretty rocks is one way to walk desert. Actually, I didn't look that hard. I enjoyed the walk.

There were a few struggling saguaro.

With nothing better today for those week long stays in the desert, the widely available rock becomes material for those with a creative and artistic bent.

It was a great day for a pleasant and warm walk in the desert.


  1. You are in one of our favorite places! Would love to visit in months other than Jan and Feb. You are so fortunate!

    1. Unfortunately, I will be back visiting Q in January. At least that is the plan.


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