Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Stories

It was time to hang out with the unclean and the unwashed. Yup. It was time for a laundromat visit. Search results on the Yelp app found two laundromats to choose from. First stop was the closest one. From the parking lot, my first impressions were not good. Just in case I was incorrect, I went inside to check out the washers and dryers. The place was dirty. Rather dark. Several washers weren't working. It was by far the worst laundromat I have ever visited in the 12 years of nomadic wandering.

Time for Plan B. Got in my truck and consulted the Yelp app once again to get the address for the second laundromat. As I sat there trying to read the small print on my iPhone, a truck pulled into the parking lot. Late thirties couple dressed in "retro hippie". She went into the cleaners. As the guy got out, I noted there was a goat on the front seat of the truck. Soon the goat was on a leash and they also went into the cleaners. I was unsuccessful in getting a photo.

Okay. Time to move on. As I backed out of the parking space, a guy came up to the truck window. He was clean shaven, missing a few teeth and had clean clothes. Expecting he was going to ask for some spare change, I rolled the window down part way. His question -- and I am not making this up -- "Do you have some Viagra that you could spare."

My response was that I couldn't help him with that.

Headed off to the second laundromat. No problems. No stories. Just clean clothes.

Certainly was an interesting stop at that first laundromat. The good part is that I have more stories for my repertoire.

Didn't get a photo of the goat today, but I was able to get this photo in Tombstone several years ago as this young man walked his pet goat along the boardwalk.


  1. We ran into a number of laundromats like the one you described. One that stands out was in the Florida keys and a woman with 5 wild kids and about 12 baskets of extremely dirty and smelly clothes came in and took over the place. That was it for my wife Then next motorhome had it's own washer/dryer and she say she will never do without one on the future.

    1. A 24 foot fifth wheel really doesn't have room for a washer and dryer. Using laundromats (or the laundry in RV parks) works for me. With the amount of clothes and bedding in my rig, I could have made it another week before the next laundry stop.

  2. it's that very reason why I have a washer and dryer! if we ever downsize I'll have a portable washer and hang clothes to dry...scary people at some laundromats

    1. Perhaps a five gallon bucket like Steinbeck describes in Travels With Charlie as a washer would work.


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