Thursday, October 17, 2013

That's Settled

Actually, none of the issues have been settled. This is only a lull -- a truce -- in the Federal legislative bodies' negotiations.

With new deadlines in early 2014, this "reality show" will continue. I really doubt that anything will be done before the first of January since the holiday season begins in a few weeks with Halloween and soon followed by Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Since the disagreements over budget issues will arise once again, I will repeat my suggestion from the last budget stalemate. The approach is simple that plays no favorites.

The suggestion: Every check written or every recipient of a Federal government payout will receive one per cent less -- including my Social Security. No exceptions. Taxes will be increased across the board at a half per cent. Just leave the existing loopholes in place. Once again no exceptions. Medicare premiums will also go up by a half per cent.

Of course that won't happen.

The truth: Nothing has been settled.

Now if these guys were really serious about budgets, the penny would be out of circulation and manufacture of the penny would cease. It costs almost two cents to create every penny. It's not much, but it is something.

This post is essentially a rerun of a post of February 16, 2011: Speaking Of The Budget


  1. ...and the band kept playing as the Titanic SANK...

    ...what has never happened before can therefore NOT happen... so why do anything to stop what can't happen? ... solid reasoning... don't you think?

    The problem is NOT the idiots in D.C. they run from crisis to crisis BECAUSE that gives them Power. "We have this crisis. If you give me this much more power We can solve the crisis."

    While the sheeple in the street gleefully gobble up the loads of BS. Until the idiots 'In The Street" wake up and begin to once again exercise Critical Thought... Nothing Will Change...

    ... and so... Nothing Will Change.

    1. With 24 hour news channels saying everything is okay, the brain washing continues. Agree with you. What every happened to critical thinking. Or how about just being a skeptic of what passes for news.

  2. We've crossed the Rubicon....We've reached the tipping point....We've passed the point of no return. Pick your cliche, the math remains the same. Any changes that will make an impact are considered too onerous by one side or the other to actually happen. I fear it will take a true crisis before any real change occurs. I propose we just give up, eliminate the debt ceiling and any pretense of "cuts" or "revenue increases" so we can just ramp this debt sucker up until the crash/reset is forced upon us. Anything else until that point is just as you say...a "reality show" :-(

  3. I agree. Actually Ron has suggested a 5% governmental budget cut across the board. You know they're wasting much more than that.


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