Sunday, March 4, 2012

Where Is Home

When I said "... when I get home", I was shocked to realize that may have been the first time I have used that phrase when referring to the home on wheels in which I live. My usual responses were: "...when I get to where Wandrin Wagon is parked"; "... where I am parked"; "...back to the campground" etc. Obviously it was a conscious choice of words instead of using the word "home".

I've lived in Wandrin Wagon for over ten years. It certainly would qualify as home. Why not refer to it as home. Good question.

Many of the RVers I meet along the road do have permanent homes and travel part of the year in their RVs. Others have rented out their homes while they travel. Relatives may live in the homes of others. None of them refer to their RV on the road as home. When they say home, they mean the permanent sticks and bricks building even if they haven't lived there in a while.

No doubt home means different things to many people. Is a definition of home a result of childhood experiences. Does a home imply a rooted existence -- a place to go back to. Or is a home where you shower, sleep and a place to make meals.

There is the bumper sticker "HOME IS WHERE I PARK IT". That can be seen on the rear of many RVs. Then there is that old cliche "Home Is Where The Heart Is". Might both apply to any nomadic person whether living in a five slide fifth wheel home or living out of the trunk of a car. Essentially, home is where you are living.

In the future, "...if I remember where Wandrin Wagon was parked, I can always find home." And that place will be called "home".


  1. Gabe and I refer to our trailer as 'home' when we are in the desert riding. For me, it's the 'comfort of the trailer, which is why it's home'.

  2. When I told my friends I was selling it all and moving into a 5er, many of them said how could I do that because I would be homeless. My answer is "No, I will just be house-less" Works just fine for me.

  3. The Go Go Gadget Red Car is home for me, though I don't usually refer to it as such. As I get ready to move back into sticks and bricks I find myself feeling a little pang of future homesickness.

    The Tuckerbag

  4. Interesting post...I have always referred to my rv as is the only place I it always made sense....jil

  5. Yes home is where I sleep whether it be the RV or my trailer in Lakeside or home in Tucson.

  6. Seems I am definitely the odd man out on this when not calling my living space a home. No worries. In the future Wandrin Wagon is definitely home.

    Ash, I am impressed. There must be many stories you are able to relate from that soon to be past experience of calling your car a home.

  7. It's good to realize you have a home, and in your case, home is always close by no matter where you are. Traveling on the road in an RV doesn't make you homeless, it just makes home mobile. Safe Travels!

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  8. Home is where I live. Sometimes that is a house, sometimes an apartment it has even been a tent when I spent 3 months on bicycling tours. Now home is my Class C wherever it may be.


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