Thursday, March 22, 2012

Unusual Saguaro

After several unusual saguaro sightings and photos from my Tucson stay, I said there would be no more until another unusual saguaro was found. Here it is.

Doesn't look so unusual. Parked in the dry camping area at the Usery Mtn Park entrance waiting for a space to open, this saguaro is enclosed in a concrete wall adjacent to the parking lot. That saguaro doesn't look that unusual until a closer inspection reveals that it is too perfect. With binoculars it becomes real obvious that it has no thorns and the Gila woodpecker hole is really just paint.

Headed over to the entry station to ask. It is a Verizon cell tower.

When I first arrived here, I could get a 4G signal for a few minutes and then it went to 3G. Sometimes it became so confused that the air card had to be restarted. The Wilson truckers antenna is stored right next to the air card. Plugged in the truckers antenna. Made no difference. This was before I realized that phony saguaro was a cell tower.

Took the truckers antenna outside and mounted it atop a mast. Now it was outside and extended about three feet above the top of Wandrin Wagon. Access was 4G consistently. After this experiment is when I found that phony saguaro.

Sometimes things are not what they appear to be -- including a saguaro.


  1. That's funny. In San Diego they have phoney palm trees for some of the cell towers. I love it! :)

  2. Hey, Wandrin Lloyd,

    Saw your story over on MDA. Thanks for sharing!

    They are tricky with the cell towers. They have tree-cell towers (maybe pine?) here in Jacksonville FL that stand several feet taller than the surrounding trees. If nothing else, the attempt amuses me.

  3. Great story on MDA, Lloyd. I'm also from Wisconsin and related to your food upbringing. Fortunately, I'm not lactose intolerant and I'll vouch for the the pain with grain. I love my wife's home made wheat bread but have learned to eat it sparingly.

  4. Thanks for sharing your story on MDA. I could relate, and I enjoyed it. And, you're right, life is great when you feel good. Keep on feeling good Lloyd.

  5. Love the phony saguaro cell tower.
    Also loved your story on MDA, is that a current photo, you don't look 71.

  6. Yup, In my travels in the San Diego area, I've seen several variations of the cellus palmus. Also have seen some of the genus cellus pinus.

    Anonymous, Not a whole lot of photos of myself, so I had to resort to a five year old photo.


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