Thursday, March 15, 2012

Natural Wrinkle Remover

The destination was the bee hive in the desert behind the RV park. Another good day for a hike. A previous hike to the bee hive was on January 10th. That is when this photo was taken. The grotto is about ten feet up on the north side of a wash. No activity on January 10th. Too cold.

Not so on this recent hike. My plan was to get some photos of the bees coming and going. Well. Those guys were not in a mood to be photoed. No sooner was I focused, when the hive sent out a kamikaze bee who headed straight for me. Saw him coming. He stung me right above the eye. I slapped at my forehead and moved down the wash. Way down the wash. The other hikers never moved and were ignored.

Still wanted a photo of the active bees. Headed back and stood among the other hikers. No sooner was I standing there, and another bee headed straight for me. The message was clear. Wandrin Lloyd had to go. Other hikers could stay. C'mon. What did I do.

Headed down the wash away from the hive and looked for arrow heads, pot shards or any unusual rock. That was when I spotted a thunderegg. Only about an inch across. Was it really a thunderegg. Well. It was. It wasn't hollow, but the smash of the almost sphere displayed an interior of crystals of some sort. Sorry no photo. But thanks to the bees, it was a great find.

Now that the bee sting has had two days to mature, those wrinkles above the left eye aren't as noticeable. Cheaper than botox.


  1. How ironic for the bees to pick you out of all the other people to attack.

  2. Thanks for the wikipedia link for thundereggs. It was fun learning the difference between thundereggs and geodes.

    Also, fyi, Arizona has the so called Africanized "killer bees." You and your companions might have been wrinkles anywhere :)

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