Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taxing Cold Day

This morning it was raining. Cold and not a good day to do any exploring. Yesterday it was in the low eighties. Today. Not so nice. Since it was cold and the predicted high was in the 50s, it seemed like a good day to make chili. On second thought leftover chicken chili verde will be a great meal.

With the cold weather, I was confined to Wandrin Wagon. Might be a good time to do the taxes. TurboTax makes it easier than reading the IRS forms. However, there are times I had to guess at the answers. Don't know if I guessed right or wrong. After a couple of hours, the taxes were done and a refund is due. E-filed the paper work and it was accepted by the IRS. According to the TurboTax software, the refund amount will be in my checking account in 7-10 days. Can't wait to spend it. Oops. Not enough for the new iPad.

Did I mention it was a cold day. The temperature crept into the 50 degree range for a short while before heading back to the 40s later this afternoon. This was the view of the cloud draped Tucson Mountains shortly before lunch. 

Scheduled departure from Justins Diamond J was tomorrow. However, since another cold and rainy day is in the forecast, I am going to hang around for a warmer day. It appears that Tuesday will be the day to hitch up.

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  1. E-filing is the way to go. My CO refund was in my acct in 3 days; federal in 5 days. Amazing!

    Chris H


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