Saturday, March 10, 2012

Travel Is My Life

As that day draws near when I hitch up and move on, I have mixed feelings about moving on. If the predictions of rain next weekend become actuality, I will stay a couple of extra days. Since there is no place I must be, I will just hunker down until a sunny day reappears.

It appears that travel has become my life. These three months will be the longest I have stayed in one place in these past ten plus years. There is something comforting about stopping for an extended period of time. I know where the grocery store is. I've found the less expensive fuel stops. I figure out the less congested routes around town. I can receive UPS shipments. That sounds like permanent living. I can actually give directions to other travelers. That may be the sign that I've been here too long.

After three months, there is a strong itch to hitch up and explore new areas. Or even explore some missed stops on routes traveled before.

Staying camped in Tucson is an attractive thought. The weather will continue to warm. Blooming of cactus and wild flowers will become more colorful each week. There will be time to visit some of those other unexplored Tucson stops. Just a repeat visit to the Sonora Desert Museum would be nice.

Staying camped might have happened If I didn't have to renew the drivers license this summer. It's the 2012 commitment. Lots of miles and exploring to be done between Tucson and Rapid City, South Dakota. If I didn't enjoy the exploring and travel, it would be less expensive and quicker just to get on an airplane and return two days later. Where is the fun in that.

However, my curiosity and exploring itch wins. My 2012 travels begin in about a week.

Where does the road go. Great scenery along the way. Interesting stories and people. Yes. Travel is my life.


  1. As my traveling history gets longer I am finding that about two weeks is long enough in one spot. However it is ok to come back to the same location for another two weeks later.

  2. Not that the distance matters much, but wouldn't anyplace in SD do for renewal? I got my license in Custer last April rather than going to Rapid City for it.

  3. Ted, Any SD DMV office would work. However, I will be RV camped in Rapid City for a couple of weeks. At least that is the plan today.

  4. We are glad travel is your life... and that you do it by road and plan to continue. Where would we be without Wandrin'. There is nothing wrong with staying longer where it suits you. That parcel west of Tucson is about as good as a desert can be for daily hikes, pretty mountains and out of sight but within reach amenities. I like Gilbert Ray Campground so much that I tried to get on as a work camper there all winter long. The Parks guy told me they are good for about 10 years... a very long waiting list..

  5. While it isn't my life, I respect a life of travel and in some ways envy it. I'll be following along on your blog. Let me know if you wander through Pahrump, NV on your way north and I'll buy you a coffee or two. They even have decent pastries!

  6. our year for renewals too...only in Sioux Falls for maybe we will see you down the road as we did not see you in travels...Jil

  7. Jil, Although my mail forwarding is in Sioux Falls, any SD DMV will work for a license renewal. Since Rapid City is on the west end of the state, it is a whole lot closer to where I am traveling.

  8. We also have to get our registration renewed and we can only do that in SF... plus I think Tom will have some medical tests there so it will be easier for us there...and do it all at once...we won't be there until the end of July or beginning of August safe travels...never know when our paths will cross..Jil


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