Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Observation

The Tucson Festival of Books was held this past weekend. Roaming around the mall area stopping at a few of the many booths, I stopped at the University of Arizona Alumni tent. With the large crowd standing around, it must be interesting. It was. The alumnus (don't recall his name) was an illustrator for an Arizona paper (don't recall that either). He was funny.

During the course of his chat and drawing of charicatures, as a segue to another subject, he asked the audience how many Republicans in the audience. About five hands went up. How many Democrats. About 25 hands went up. How many Independents. About 15 hands admitted their independence. The total hands raised was no where equal to the size of the audience.

From that showing of hands, the conclusions from this unscientific observation:
  • Showing of hands reflects the political makeup of Tucson.
  • Republicans read only one book -- The Book.
  • Most Republicans don't come to book fairs because they don't read.


  1. Spot on, Lloyd. Your deductive powers are truly amazing!

    Chris (Denver)

  2. Or, perhaps, Democrats and Independents "top out" intellectually at caricatures and cartoons. The Republicans were reading literature.

  3. Tucson/Pima County is 80% Democrat by voter registration. So that explains it! But if you want to find a way to insult Republicans for no reason, I guess that is up to you. But it's ugly and stupid. Unless I missed the irony, or something.


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