Monday, March 19, 2012

Long Pants Weather

Dag Nab It. It's Cold Here! Well. How cold is it. Glad you asked. It is so cold (high 40s) I had to find a pair of long pants.

Finally gave up on the temps trying to get into the 50 degree range. At 10:30 I donned the long pants. Needed to hang out with the herd so I headed to the suburbs of Tucson to have some tea at Starbucks. Came out about an hour later to rain/snow/ice precipitation. The ice cubes lowered the air temperature a bit more. Sure glad I wore long pants.

As I drove back home, there were occasional breaks in the clouds to allow sight of snow on the Catalina Mountains. Good place for the stuff.

Upon a return to Wandrin Wagon in the early afternoon, Tucson temperature at Wandrin Wagon was 49 degrees. That was colder than Denver -- or Green Bay.

Used to be able to tolerate cold much better. The circulation in this old body just isn't what it once was. Or could it be the 15-20 pounds of insulating fat that I lost over the past year. Sorry. No details here. That is a subject for a future blog entry.

Original plan was to hitch up this morning and move to the next stop near Phoenix. Since I don't tow Wandrin Wagon in the rain, it is at least one more day awaiting a sunny tomorrow.

The RV spaces in my immediate area of the park are all empty. They have been empty for a week and more. Guess they decided to head back north where it is warmer than here. When I arrived last December just two of the neighboring spaces were occupied. Three months later, they are all vacated.

Three months... Wow. That time went fast. There are a few items left on the exploring list that I never did get around to. Perhaps next year on a return visit, I can complete the Tucson exploring.

During the three months of my stay, RVer Steve led hikes from the park twice a week. Usually there was an additional hike each week -- sometimes with friends passing through Tucson. Other days disappeared with exploring Tucson sites including multiple visits to the Desert Museum. Then there are those tasks that are essential to living: laundry, grocery shopping, farmers markets, Silver Slug maintenance, etc.

Thanks for the visits with acquaintances, friends and relatives for lunches: Jerry and Marilyn, Duane, Stella and Frank, Boonie, Linda and Earl, Jaimie and George, Jim B, Flora and Phil, and several other Saguaro SKP park residents that were in Tucson on more than one occasion. Long time friend and hiking buddy Rich from Colorado stayed for a week of exploring. After three months, I hope I didn't forget anyone for that list.

Not to be forgotten were the many new acquaintances made with the park hikers and the social hour that followed each hike. Looking forward to a re-meeting next winter.

It was a pleasant three months. Already considering a longer stay for the winter season of 2012-2013. Returning next year just to experience some days without sunshine when the temps don't get into the 50s. Looking forward to it so I can wear long pants.


  1. Nice photo of the saguaro today. Reminds me of the old Arizona Highways magazine photo spreads. I have several dozen of those old AH copies and I relish each one.

  2. maybe we can be added to the list of visitors from Benson....Jil

  3. that was too quick should have said Next year......