Friday, March 2, 2012

A Closer Look

Scenic photos have their place and can be interesting. In this photo, I've included my companion hikers on the trail below. With that saguaro right in the center of the photo, this shot would not be included in the scenic post card rack. The photo needs some balance. Oops. There is that word again. Okay. The photo lacks symmetry.

Much of hiking these rocky trails is paying the attention to the placement of your hiking boot on the trail. Lots of loose rock. Don't take that loose rock for granite. Those small rocks are the size of marbles and you may end up on your butt.

When not admiring the scenery in the distance, the wild flowers along the trail catch the hikers eye in much the same way that color will draw a honey bee or other insect to assist in pollination. This is the sight as the honey bee makes a landing on the brittle brush blossom.

My ability to identify wild flowers is limited. This small blue flower cluster is one of those. After searching through my wild flower guide, I've come to the conclusion that it will remain my original identification as a LBFC -- little blue flower cluster. Each flower is about a half inch across.

Perhaps not as showy as a wild flower, but just as important in the ecology of the environment are the lichen that decorate many of the rock surfaces.

Insects are also present. This tarantula hawk managed to stay still long enough for me to get a photo. Didn't know what it was at the time I took the photo. That identification was later searching the internet. Wikipedia is the source for this description of the tarantula hawk which hunts tarantulas as food for its larvae.

Distant scenery is great, but there are times to take a close look of the world at your feet. A very different view is seen at hiking boot level.


  1. I like all of your photos! Always love to get some of those close ups!
    Thanks for sharing. (By the way, are you aware that word verification is turned on for your blog? Just wanted you to know, in case you didn't.)

  2. I disagree, your first photo looks symmetrical to me and in focus. Your hiking companions add color with the town fading away in the background and the mountains in the distance. A lot to look at without the eye having to hurry to see it all.

  3. Judy, For me the photo is fine with appropriate elements -- except for the saguaro dead center. For me it detracts from the scene. I considered removing it with Photoshop, but in the end posted it as it was with the mentioned caveat.

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  5. Russ, Trying to figure out some way to make it easier for comments. (One word instead of two would be great. The way it was just a few weeks ago.) When checking Settings>Comments, there is no option for word verification under Bloggers new Dashboard. Going back to the old version of Blogger dashboard, the Word Verification parameter is there. Identifying "No" would mean I would have to moderate all comments. Not sure I want to go back to that. Considering going with DisQus to manage the comments.

  6. vryingsmGreat shots. I love the pictures of the flowers and as Russ said the first photo is great.


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